I'm sitting here
Thinking bout
How I'm gon-na do without
You around in my life and how am I
I gon't get by
I ain't got no days
Just lonely nights
You want the truth
Well girl I'm not alright
Feel out of place and out of time
I think im gonna lose my mind

So tell me how you feel (I'm lonely)
Are you for real (so lonely)
Do you still think of me (I think of you)
Baby still (are you lonely)
Do you dream of me at night (like I dream of you all the time)
So let me tell you how it feels (its like everyday I die)
Wish i was dreaming but its real (when I open up my eyes)
Let me tell you how it feels (and don't see your pretty face)
I think that I will never love again

I miss your face
I miss your kiss
I even miss the arguments
That we would have from time to time
I miss you standing by my side
I'm dying here its clear to see
There ain't no you, God knows there ain't no me
Don't wanna live, I wanna die



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